"Wa'a Ho'olaule'a (Festival of Canoes)"
A Film by Kenneth K. Martinez Burgmaier

A journey of the Polynesian Canoe with some of the worlds master carvers at an annual festival in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

Ke Wa'a Ho'olaule'a (Festival of Canoes) has just won two more awards at The Philadelphia Documentary Film Festival and at the Hawaii Ocean film festival on Kauai.

This is our 7th Award!

Mahalo to our entire Ohana (family) who supported this
amazing journey of the canoe and Hawaiian Culture!

Check out: www.philadelphia.filmfestnews.com

90 Minute Video, now available in VHS format, Beta SP for screenings and NOW ON DVD!

Production Companies: Jazz Alley TV
Executive Producers: Kenneth Burgmaier
Directed by: Kenneth Burgmaier
Director of Photography: Robert Stone
Editor: Robert Stone
Edited on: Media 100 XS

Filmed on location on Maui, in Lahaina Town.

Wa'a Ho'olaule'a
(Festival of Canoes)

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