Not familiar with slack key guitar? Although it ranks with some of the world's great guitar traditions, such as Chicago and Louisiana blues, flamenco or bossa nova - unfamiliarity is not unusual. That's simply because of the remoteness of our Hawaiian archipelago.

The unique sound and technique descends from campfire music played by Spanish-Mexican cowboys, visiting Hawaii nearly two centuries ago to wrangle the newly introduced, errant cattle. Their Hawaiian hosts were piqued by the sounds; then made it their own, their way.

History, techniques, Keola's hand-made guitars... these are all detailed in the documentary. The screening at the NY Fest will be on Sunday, February 10th at 6pm in Sutton 2 Theater, 205 East 57th Street (at 3rd avenue). Director/Producer Kenneth Burgmaier and Co-producer/DP/Editor Robert Stone, both of Maui, will be an hand to answer questions.

There's so much more in this documentary than the details. While all fascinating and nourishing, it's the MORE to underscore.

If you've ever visited our isles, or if visions of Hawaii have ever fancied your thoughts, prepare to be swept away. You'll discover the ravishing caresses of a crystal-laced White Mountain, while the story of a lustrous lei, told with true hula, allows the hardest heart to weep. A lone owl, anticipating freedom of the blossoming night, inspires you to touch your own magnificence.

This is Keola Beamer's music - poetic vision... soulful sustenance. This is clearly the heart of both ancient and modern Hawaii, shared in perfect sound and visuals. "Ki ho 'alu - Loosen the Key" shall enter the spirit of New York, never to leave it, and forever affecting it.

Let "Ki ho 'alu" touch you. The Apple will round full in bleak February from the warm grace of an Hawaiian son. You, fortunately, can be part of that rare sound and visual event.

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Emmy Award Winner

...Ki Ho Alu - "Loosen the Key"
Has now won over 11 Prestigious Awards