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Maui's own Jazz Alley TV aired in Africa every week on WorldNet TV.
Triangle Television, New Zealand, is now screening Jazz Alley TV.



Jazz Alley TV can be seen on the Jazz Channel - BET Network.
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Jazz Alley TV is a one-hour internationally syndicated Jazz, Blues and World Music magazine television series shot on location at premier music festivals from around the world. Jazz Alley TV is a winner of the Billboard Music Awards as a TV series and has been awarded several Telly Awards . Jazz Alley TV is seen on BET Jazz , The Jazz Channel and several other cable systems throughout North America , Internationally on WorldNet TV.

Aired Nationwide to an audience of more than 20 million households, 7 days per week on channel 8 in Aspen . With productions from the World's hottest music festivals, interviews with the finest Jazz and Blues artists, and cutting edge music video production, Jazz Alley TV is your choice for reaching an affluent and dedicated Jazz and Blues audience.

Jazz Alley TV can be seen on Digital Cable through Viacom on the Bet Jazz -The Jazz Channel, BET International, throughout the Caribbean on cable, In Hawaii on the Akaku Network, The Mountain Life Network in the Rocky Mountain region and also Internationally on WorldNet TV. Channel 8 Aspen Television in Colorado and on AT&T Digital Cable Systems. In Japan through Unicom and on National & International Affiliates. Spanning the Globe...
See some of your favorite Jazz , Blues and 'World Music' musicians' performances, in-depth interviews and videos...

Join Host Kenny Burgmaier from some of the Finest Jazz & Blues Festivals, Clubs & Cruises all around the World!

Aruba Jazz Fest, Barbados Jazz Fest, Cancun Jazz Fest, Victoria Jazz Fest, Maui Music Fest, St. Lucia Jazz Fest, SunFest, Jazz Aspen Snowmass, Pensacola Jazz Fest, Reggae SumFest, Telluride Jazz Fest, Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Fest, San Jose Jazz Fest Cuba, Spain, Key West, LA, Europe, New York, New Orleans, Dominica World Creole Music Festival, New Zealand-Waiheke Island of Jazz Fest, Morocco-Casablanca Jazz fest, Hawaii-Big Island Slack Key Festival, and many more...

We have a vast selection of Jazz & Blues music videos, EPK's (Electronic Press Kits) interviews, performance footage etc. ... of some of the World's Finest Musicians. Thousands of hours - and many other one-hour Jazz Alley TV Specials. Call Ken Burgmaier at 573-5530 for more information.

Here is just a sample of friends that Jazz Alley TV/
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