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Hawaiian Culture

A Celebration of Music, Arts, Culture and Film!

E ho'olaule'a kakou i ka mele, ka hana no'eau, ka mo'omeheu, a me ke ki'i'oni'oni

Aloha! MauiFEST Hawai'i, A Celebration of Music, Arts, Culture and Film was created by Maui filmmaker Kenneth K. Martinez Burgmaier.

Through its showcasing of local entertainment, MauiFEST Hawaii helps to preserve, perpetuate and promote Hawaii's lost culture.

MauiFEST Hawaii provides a "cultural tourism" opportunity, exposing tourists to both the host culture and diverse multiethnic cultures, in part through documentary films that focus on cultural issues. For example, last year the "Fiji Firewalkers" film featured the legendary "Firewalkers of Bega Island". The film showcased their people, culture, music and customs. Atu Laqeretabua performed Fijian dances and held a kava ceremony for all attendees.

Because MauiFEST Hawaii attracts both residents and tourists, it provides a venue for increased interaction between these groups in the small communities where it is held. The festival provides the Hana Canoe Club and Canoe Clubs on Molokai and Lanai with a venue to raise money for their organizations by providing them a free tent/space to sell items of their choice. Local sponsors are given the opportunity to sell food or craft items during the festival, thus providing entrepreneurial opportunities for residents

This assists in the diversification of Hawaii's economy by bringing customers to artisans, farmers and others working in rural areas. Maui residents Tom Vendetti and Kenneth K Martinez Burgmaier will provide the expertise to make this grass-roots effort truly a community-based initiative to bring tourist dollars to isolated communities.

Become a Sponsor today! Call 573-5530 to find out more!

You can also visit us at www.MauiFEST.net to see more information about upcoming community events.