Maui News 2005 - MauiFEST in Hana a special and rewarding experience!

I would like to thank Kenny Martinez Burgmaier and all of the generous sponsors who hosted the MauiFEST film festival in Hana on Nov. 4.

This is a very special event that we look forward to every year. What could be better than bringing your own blanket or beach chairs, sitting under the tent at Hana Bay, enjoying five locally produced films that you can’t see anywhere else? Not to mention the incredible entertainment preceding the films, including Grammy-award winner Tom Scott, Dennis Kamakahi, and many others.

And the food: Where else can you dine on seared ahi rolled in furikake garnished with capers and roasted red peppers served with garlic toast and caesar salad, followed by pumpkin-pecan ice cream, all for $10 and a smile? Oh, and they also make sure the popcorn is served hot and fresh during the films.

MauiFEST is a grass-roots celebration of local music, arts, culture, and film that shouldn’t be missed. We’re looking forward to next year.

Chris Brayton - Lahaina

Maui News 2005 - Molokai Film Festival a stage for old-styled aloha

We just returned from a vacation on Maui and the most memorable experience we had was a spontaneous trip to Molokai for the MauiFEST Hawaii Molokai Film Festival. It was a beautiful festival that enriched our lives in Hawaiian music, culture and some wonderful films from island filmmakers. We met friendly locals, musicians, filmmakers and hula dancers. They all shared with us the type of aloha that you only read about. It was an amazing trip that we will always cherish. I recommend this festival to everyone. We will be loyal attendees of this special festival year after year and spread the word.

Stuart Rosenberg - Los Angeles

Maui County should be willing to help fund MauiFEST!

One of the most intimate neighborhood gatherings imaginable in this day and age is happening in Hana – MauiFEST. It's a family affair, for free, that provides a venue for wholesome good fun and entertainment of high quality. And it's all local! Award-winning musicians, award-winning films, da kine grinds. I heard the mayor doesn't feel it's worthy of grant funding even though it qualifies. I hope you can attend next year, if it happens.

I don't know exactly who to contact about convincing the powers that be. Maybe The Maui News can direct our calls somewhere where we the people can make a difference.

Stacy Moke - Hana


Iust want to add that I have known Kenny for many years and worked with him on numerous projects and he is the real thing. His films have won awards at many of the major US & International film festivals, and the Jazz Alley TV shows that he produces and records at Music Festivals around the world run under contract on VIACOM network on all US and many International Cable TV systems.

There is no one else in Hawaii with this type of distribution contract or production experience. Similarly, Uncle Boy Kane is one of my heroes, and someone who works diligently year after year to help the community of Maui & Molokai.

Jonathan Starr - Wailuku

One sponsor delighted with MauiFEST in Hana

I experienced the MauiFEST Hawaii Hana Film Festival, and it was a terrific event. We were given the opportunity to be their locally sponsoring nonprofit agency, and we made our decision based on their experience.

But when we went to experience the event, it was even greater than we imagined. There was no hype, no drugs, no admission, just a wonderful family event with a tremendous flow of aloha. The audiences loved it; the performers loved it. The warm feelings were flowing. The levels of local support was undeniable. A great time was had by all.

I was very surprised that their request for funding through the county was denied.  The same grant was given approval by the same group before. I wonder  how the public will respond to this? The public I saw in Hana fully embraced the MauiFest Hawaii team. Something's definitely wrong.

Jason Schwartz - Executive Director - Maui Arts & Music Association

MauiFEST in Hana an event worth supporting??

It has come to my attention that the MauiFEST in Hana is being considered as not being worthy of county grant money next year. I was under the impression that an event like this fit perfectly within the parameters for this type of funding.

I look forward to this event every year. It is very unique in that it creates a feeling that is rare these days in America. I feel like I'm part of a neighborhood.

It's a warm gathering where folks can relax and enjoy high quality Hawaiian talent. It's not quite like a tribe sitting around a fire singing together but it's close to it. It's even better than the Taro Fest because it feels less like a consumerism event and more like a family get together.

How could it possibly be something that's going to be dropped?

Jeff “Fin” Wayman - Hana

MauiFEST Drive-in movie on campus perfect for families

The MCC MauiFEST Hawaii drive-in movie is great entertainment for a very affordable price. I have had the opportunity to attend several shows and the location on the Maui Community College campus provides a perfect environment.

This is a great venue for a family-oriented night out, including good food, music and, of course, movies under the stars.

I urge the community and the County of Maui to support this worthwhile event.

Mark Schuster - Kula

Jazz Alley TV hosted the 2005 Festival of Canoes in Lahaina. It was great to go to the event, then come home and watch Jazz Alley TV on KITV. We got to see everything we missed while we were there, including the live show with Makaha Son's.

- Local Boy from da West Side -

I always see Ken Burgmaier's Jazz Alley TV on Akaku cable access. The shows are great. Ken does a great job of telling the story behind the story and always has lots of great music and upbeat interviews. Aloha Jazz Alley!

- Da Kine Man from Upcountry